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at Harwood Fertility 

As an Advanced Fertility Support trained Acupuncturist, Kristina aims to support individuals and couples throughout their journey from both a Western and Chinese Medicine perspective, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or undergoing assisted conception.  

As well as being your Acupuncturist a huge ethos of treatment is to provide education on all areas of your life that will have a positive impact on your Fertility.

It is common for Kristina to meet couples that have been trying to conceive for some time and are undergoing fertility tests, or more commonly unclear which tests you might need.

What to expect at your Fertility Consultation (90 minutes);

* A comprehensive intake form will be sent to you via e-mail to be completed before your consultation.

* During your consultation we spend the first 45 minutes discussing your form, plus a tongue and pulse diagnosis.

* The remainder of your consultation will include your fertility acupuncture treatment, where approx. 9-15 needles will be gently inserted into various points in the body.

* Follow up report; within 48 hours you will receive a detailed aftercare email.  The content varies for each person, however you can expect to receive;

- your suggested holistic treatment plan.

-  suggested tests such as blood work that you can request from your GP or how to access them privately.

- Webinar on how and why to chart your menstrual cycle.

- Nutrition advice based on a western perspective along with Chinese dietary suggestions.

- Recommended supplements

- Lifestyle advice such as exercise, sleep, your fertile window, living cyclically to balance your hormones.

Your Fertility Treatment (60 minutes);

The core element is to treat with Acupuncture, however based on your diagnosis we may also need to include other modalities such as heat therapy and abdominal Chinese massage.

Once the needles are retained It is common practice for Kristina to include Reproductive Reflexology techniques on the feet, Reiki and-or Guided Meditation.  

Time to talk is always carved out during your follow up treatments.  Whether you have questions around your IVF protocol, discuss test results, coaching methods for stress management or just having someone to listen to you.  There will always be time to be heard and supported.

How does Acupuncture impact your fertility?

For women the emphasis is placed on regulating the menstrual cycle.  It is a vital sign of your general and fertile health.  The healthier your cycle is, encourages conception, implantation and pregnancy.  Acupuncture is well documented for being used to balance and energise a cycle and improve your fertility.


You should be prepared to commit to 3 months of treatment. It takes 3 months for the eggs to mature, giving them chance to benefit from nutrition, lifestyle changes and your acupuncture. 

Treating Men

Usually when Men come for Fertility treatment it is due to a poor sperm test result.  Lots of things can impact your test result and there are lots you can do to improve your result.

Again a commitment of 3 months Acupuncture treatment, lifestyle and nutrition changes are required before testing again.

Whether you have Secondary infertility and/or you've been given a diagnosis that may make your chances of conception more difficult such as PCOS, Endometriosis or if test results haven’t been able to find a western explanation (Unexplained infertility) then please get in touch to find out how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you.

Assisted Fertility

Research suggests that Acupuncture can benefit Assisted Fertility Treatments such as IVF, ICSI and IUI.  Kristina works with men and women at least 3 months before commencing IVF treatment.  

During an IVF or ICSI cycle a protocol of Acupuncture treatments are arranged to support egg collection, transfer and the implantation window.  

​During IVF treatment everyone can respond differently to the medication they are administering, at times its common to experience symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue and bloating which we aim to reduce with your fertility treatments.  We also focus on balancing the emotions to ensure that you are feeling as calm as possible in what can be a very anxious and stressful time. 

Whatever your circumstances, whether you are an individual using a donor, embarking on reciprocal IVF you will be respected and be provided with a safe healing space for your emotional and physical needs. 

Fertility : Welcome
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